Chord Scale Generator


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for Chords and Scales

Scale Finder & Explorer

The scale finder feature of the award-winning Chord Scale Generator lets you find scales that fit a certain chord, melody or riff and helps you to learn all about scales on your guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, or any other string instrument.

55+ Types of Scales

A list of most common types of scales is already provided (such as major, minor, blues, and 24 more) but can also be individually extended. Thus, hundreds of scales are supported.

Find Scales to Improvise with

Based on given chords and notes, this scale finder will help you to find scales that can be used as a template to improvise with.

Create Your Own Scale Book

Export scale charts as image files and create an individual scale book.

If you want to learn more about chords, check out the chord generator and reverse chord finder features.

Diverse Presentation of Scales

Scales are visualized on a fretboard, a keyboard or in musical notation. Furthermore, selected parts of scales are presented as charts and tablatures.

e-minor Scale - Fretboard e-minor Scale - Notes e-minor Scale - Keyboard e-minor Scale - Chart