Chord Scale Generator


The All-In-One Software Tool
for Chords and Scales

Installation Guide – Windows Mac OS X Linux

1. Download the Chord Scale Generator

First, download the Chord Scale Generator.

CSG-windows.exe or CSG-windows_64.exe

Be sure to remember where you saved the file.

2. Launch the Installation Wizard

When the download has finished, launch the Installation Wizard which will guide you through the rest of the installation. You will have to read and accept the license terms as well as define the installation directory and start menu entry.

If the required version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is not yet installed on your computer, the installation wizard will install it automatically.
Note: The installation of the Java Runtime Environment might take some minutes and requires a reboot of the system to take effect.

WindowsNote for Windows Vista and Windows 7:
By default, Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 does not allow user level accounts to write files in the "Program Files" directory. Since the Chord Scale Generator stores data in its install directory during program updates you should install the Chord Scale Generator outside the "Program Files" directory. Otherwise, it could be required to launch the Chord Scale Generator explicitly with administrator rights (feature "Run as administrator").

3. Launch the Chord Scale Generator

After finishing the installation steps above, you can launch the Chord Scale Generator.

At start-up you will first see the dialog to activate the full version. In case you have already purchased an activation key, you can activate the full version of the Chord Scale Generator right away. Of course, you can also skip this dialog and test the trial version first.
Note: In order to activate the full version you need to have internet access for a short time.

At the first start-up, the welcome pages will also be displayed. We recommend to read them and to take the tour. This will give you a first overview of the basic functions of this program.