Chord Scale Generator


The All-In-One Software Tool
for Chords and Scales

Installation Guide – Linux Windows Mac OS X

1. Download and install the Java Runtime Environment - if necessary

In order to run the Chord Scale Generator you need to have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Version 6. In case you haven't installed the required version on your computer yet, download the current version of the JRE at the following link for free:

Java Oracle: Java SE Downloads

When the download has finished, install the JRE on your computer.

2. Download the Chord Scale Generator

Download the Chord Scale Generators as well.

CSG-linux-gtk.tar.gz or CSG-linux-gtk_64.tar.gz

Be sure to remember where you saved the file.

3. Extract the downloaded archive file

When the download has finished, extract the archive file to the folder of your choice. To do so, open a console and use the following command to extract the file:

tar -C /destination_folder -xvf CSG-linux-gtk.tar.gz

4. Launch the Chord Scale Generator

After finishing the installation steps above, you can launch the Chord Scale Generator. To do so, simply run the executable file in the install folder.

At start-up you will first see the dialog to activate the full version. In case you have already purchased an activation key, you can activate the full version of the Chord Scale Generator right away. Of course, you can also skip this dialog and test the trial version first.
Note: In order to activate the full version you need to have internet access for a short time.

At the first start-up, the welcome pages will also be displayed. We recommend to read them and to take the tour. This will give you a first overview of the basic functions of this program.