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Chord Generator

The chord generator functionality of the award-winning Chord Scale Generator helps you to find all possible chord charts (including fingerings) for each possible chord on your guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, or any other string instrument.

80+ Types of Chords

The most common types of chords are already provided (such as major, minor, maj7, sus4, dim, and 75 more). This list can also be individually extended. Thus, more than thousand chords are supported.

Generic Algorithms Instead of Database

Instead of showing just a certain number of pre-selected chord charts, this chord generator lets you find millions of chord variants you've probably never seen before.

Fine-Tuned Calculation

Find the chords you're really interested in and adjust your calculations regarding level, fret range, bass tone, and many more.

Create Your Own Chord Book

Export chord charts as image files and create an individual chord book.

If you want to find chords that fit a certain fingering pattern or musical notation or simply want to identify a chord name, check out the reverse chord finder feature.

Diverse Presentation of Chord Charts

You can adjust the presentation of chord charts to your needs. As well, chords are visualized on a fretboard, a keyboard, as tablatures and in musical notation.


Guitar Chord Chart - a-minor Mandolin Chord Chart - F2 Guitar Chord Chart - G7

and many more


Guitar Chord Chart - E-major Ukulele Chord Chart - G4 Guitar Chord Chart - c-minor7

and many more